Frequently Asked Question

Q. What types of printer does ChequeMate support?
A. ChequeMate supports all models of Laser Printer, InkJet Printer and Dot-Matrix Printer.
Q. My bank cheque's layout image is not available in the library ?
A. You can send us a copy of your cheques through post/courier. We will upload it in the library or you can call our support team they will help you setting up the cheque on your PC. The instructions are also availabe in the pdf user manual.
Q. We have different bank accounts for different purpose. Is it possible to have multiple cheque books in the system?
A. Yes. ChequeMate lets you set different unique cheque formats to manage different accounts, there is no limitation for the number of accounts you can maintain in the system.
Q. Does ChequeMate support batch printing ?
A. Yes. Batch printing is one of the unique feature in ChequeMate . You can prepare all the cheques and print them all in a batch.
Q. Does ChequeMate support month incremental / EMI cheque printing ?
A. Yes. monthly incremental printing is one of the unique feature in ChequeMate . You just need to click one button for month increment, it will continue till you exit from the menu.
Q. Does ChequeMate increment the cheque number automatically?
A. Yes, it increments the cheque number automatically for the current secession i.e. you need to put the cheque number once at the start of the secession.
Q. Will the existing data be availabe after I buy the software?
A. Yes. All the existing data/settings will be availabe even after you buy/registration the software.
Q. Is there any validity or support for the software ?
A. There is one month support, product is valid for life ( technology ) time. Telephonic (between : 10.00 AM to 6.30 PM IST), eMail and Chat support at no cost.
Q. For how many PC is the ChequeMate Licence valid ?
A. ChequeMate Licence licence is valid for a single PC/laptop. You you require to install ChequeMate on any other PC you will have to purchase extra licences.