Cheque Settings

Functional Details of ChequeMate Software THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO CHEQUE PRINTING

  • Enter login password – rich and click Login.

1. Create Book [ Bank / Cash ]
From the menu select - Masters Book Master
Create Bank Book by clicking on Add button e.g State Bank of India and Save the entry.

  • From the menu select - Masters Layout Editor Click on New button to get the option

Select from the Library by double clicking or pressing Enter Key from the list

Click on the Copy To button and select the Destination Bank from the drop down list ( created bank in the book master )

Click on the Open Button to selected Printer Setting

Exit from Layout Editor

Cheque Issue – click on Add button Select Book by pressing enter key or the help button select the Account Name insert cheque amount click on Save and Print

Note : The system will print the cheque on the Default Printer, if a printer is not connected the it will give an print error

Click on either of the image for setting up the printing position in the printer Output of Printed Cheque